Happy New Year!!!

30 Dec

We hope everyone has a healthy and happy 2015!

To better serve our wonderful clients we have made a few changes:

~~Hours are Tuesday through Saturday and are based upon grooming appointments only.

~~Self Service hours can vary from day to day. Hours are based upon grooming hours each day, and tub availability is on a first come first serve basis. Please feel free to call ahead of time especially if you intend on coming late in the day.

~~Nails trimmed and filed are $10**

** if more than 1 employee is necessary price can go up to $15

~~Nail trim appointments aren’t needed but appreciated as we will not interrupt a scheduled grooming in progress.

We hope these changes help us give every furkid in our care more love and the undivided attention they deserve and apologize for any inconvenience they may cause.

To shave or not to shave your dog in the summer

31 Mar

Bark Bath & Beyond:

It’s that time again!

Originally posted on BARK BATH & BEYOND :

The short answer is NO, NO, NO!  Don’t shave.  Here’s why.  First, dogs need their coat for protction from the sun and to stay cool.  All hair goes through a life cycle, some breed’s hair has a longer life cycle like poodles and will therefore shed less. Breeds like Labs, Golden Retrievers and Jack Russell terriers have a short lived coat life cycle and as their hair dies, it falls out or “sheds” more frequently. There are double coated breeds, which means they have two types of hair that make up their coat. Then there are single coated breeds like poodles and yorkies that contain no undercoat, and therefore shed less. With double coated breeds the two types of hair, top coat and undercoat, are mixed together and some breeds have much more undercoat. Undercoat is used to protect the dog from the cold weather, so breeds like the Husky…

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Image 26 Jan

Great News for Self-Service Clients!

20 Sep

We understand the value of a hard earned dollar and are offering a great value to our self-service clients. Now every 5th bath is FREE!!  Bring your furkids in for some scrubbin’ and some lovin’ and leave the mess to us.  Our waist-high tubs take the backache out of bathing your pet.  All the supplies you need are at your disposal and are included in the bath price.  Don’t forget to check your mailboxes for valuable coupons in the Best Community Values monthly mailer. 

You provide the dirty dog, we provide the rest!

The Doodle “Boom”

21 Aug

Over the past year or so, there has been a “boom” in the popularity of the Doodle.  The Doodle is a mix of the Standard Poodle and either a Golden or Labrador Retriever.  These are smart, fun, happy-go-lucky, energetic, charismatic, and loving dogs.  These are medium to large dogs whose coats vary widely in color and texture.  One dog may have straight, flowing hair and another may have softer, curlier hair. As we have seen a boom in the popularity of the Doodle, we have also seen a boom of surprised owners.  They are surprised about the level of maintenance necessary to keep the Doodle ‘look’.  Unfortunately, these coats get matted very badly very quickly.  Daily brushing, combing and regular grooming are absolutely essential in order to keep the coat in the breed standard cut.  Many owners are opting for a shorter, more practical cut.  This is easier to maintain and often less expensive.  As the Doodle Boom continues, we will also continue to do our best to keep the furkids looking and feeling great. Have fun and happy brushing!

Image 7 Jul

Brushing dogs’ teeth

7 Jul

Healthy teeth and gums are important in the overall health and comfort of your pet. Daily brushing is a great way keep them healthy. Chewing hard kibble, treats, and toys also help to keep teeth clean. We offer use of toothpaste and a toothbrush to self service clients included in the bath price.  In our full service grooming, we rarely brush teeth.  Unless you brush your dog’s teeth say, at least every other day, our doing it every 6-8 weeks or so would be pointless, in our opinion, and a waste of money.  It may be better than nothing, but not much more if it’s the only time the dog’s teeth get brushed. If your dog already has advanced plaque and/or decay, ask your vet how safe brushing is. There are many different types of dog toothpaste and toothbrushes out there, not to mention the many, many different treats and toys geared towards dental health. Dental problems can be very painful for the dog and the wallet so try to find the best method of prevention for you and your furkids. As always, consult your vet with any health issues.


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